A nine year old kid that gets turned on by the skins ruin every meme and every other game is trash to them. They always say fortnite dancing vids are content wich its not.
by Pipipopo July 25, 2020
a fortnite player is either a 6 year old with his mum’s credit card or a toxic 19 year old virgin
by c4ss December 25, 2019
High octane, adrenaline craving, vile abominations of 8 year olds that have severe autism, all jacked up on mountain dew that have been baptized in monster energy, that will stop at nothing to 360 noscope you and floss dance on your corpse.
I spotted a Fortnite player at the local Wal Mart, boasting about his latest drum gun rampage and showing his default dance skills.
Okay, so here’s a very effective explanation of Fortnite players. It explains in great detail what Fortnite players are like, but does not directly insult them. So, without further ado

Modern-day human beings are in many ways different from previous humans. One reason why is because of the 2017 video game called “Fortnite,” which started out as an average battle-royale game. As of 2019 Fortnite has obtained a very toxic community. It is imperative that people, especially children and teenagers, should not play Fortnite due to bad influence and a risk of many mental and bodily changes.

Children should not play Fortnite due to bad influence mostly obtained from toxic chat-room messages and squeakers in online voice chats. The toxic community on Fortnite induces a malevolent and repulsive influence on the language usage and behavioral patterns of children, impairing their communication skills and also causing them to use inappropriate language. Many youths like this, even small children, will start using racist language and will also increase their usage of cursing. This proves that children are most severely affected by Fortnite’s toxic community.
Normal person: what the hell is wrong with you dumbass
Fortnite player: fortnite RULES
Normal person: so you know about a disorder called autism, right?
Fortnite player: uh… yeaaah?
Normal person: that’s you right now but worse
Fortnite player: ur just jealous that we’re better than your crappy Smash bros ass
Normal person: you seriously do not know how to function socially
Fortnite player: WE LIKE FORTNITE
Normal person: futile
by VeganCarnivore647 September 8, 2019
Another word for a gay man who is in to REALLY gay things
Man 1 : Archie Rees is a Fortnite player.
Man 2 : He honestly disgusts me.
by Freddie Mayes July 24, 2019