The stringy hamster is where a woman is menstruating and the male who hasn't shaved in a few days puts his face next to her vagina and her blood leaks on to his face resembling a violated hamster
Sometimes i wish we could share a Stringy Hamster
by SHENZILLA December 16, 2010
Whilst pulling your pointer finger out of your nostil, a stretchy, gummy substance sticks to your finger and the inner rim of your nose. Also known as stretchy boogers.

Some string boogers are known to stretch several inches before detaching from the nostril.
I just had an extremely long stringy booger which, to dispose of, I proceeded to wipe under the edge of the table.
by Evan, Eddie, and Kurt October 17, 2006
A phrase used to describe people who are boring/low self confidence/wear glasses/have no mates/study geology.

A stringy melt wouldn't stick up for themselves or their friends in any situation and is generally not a good person to have around.

A stringy melt will always wimp out of fun things.
'Those geology boys are such stringy melts'


Bob - 'Jim you fancy coming out tonight?'

Jim - 'Nah got ballet lessons'

Bob - 'You stringy melt'
by wordsforfriends March 2, 2012
The stringy mushroom is when some bitch (or dude if you swing that way) sneezes on your dick wile giving a blow job, and when she pulls away snot hangs off of the dick like gooey strings hanging off of a mushroom.
"dude, some bitch gave me the stringy mushroom, so i donkey punched her."
by TheDarkShade June 15, 2012
A bowag which is incredibly long which has been released from the fingers, usually fixed to an overhang or from the fingers of a very tall person.

The Jedi art of mastering the stringy bowag is to make one form a long continuous drip from ceiling to floor. Over traits of a good bowag is its ability to drip more than once and thus placing random passers by under risk of random drippage.

Man have you ever seen a stringy bowag so long

That stringy bowag is going to drop at any minute
by Mark Townsend May 16, 2008
a guy who cant hold his booze and passes out on the garden path and then becomes analy retentive when smashing the glass against the wall
otherwise known as string dick
the string dick smashed baldys passion pop all over the wall
by brog August 13, 2004
stringy jingy, inside the vagina there is a little thing called the clit that girls feel pleasure in if you touch it, so a stringy jingy is a stringy clit.
a girl in my school has a stringy jingy
by bay123434 March 24, 2009