Someone who has no sexual preference to male or female, or would do either. See bi.
by Lindsay S June 18, 2006
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A person are who enjoys having sexual relations with both sexes. It refers to both having sexual relations and relationships with both sexes.
Girl: Oh i heard you were thinking of hooking up with Anna
boy: yeah shes hot but i was thinking of calling mike
Girl: OH! you swing both ways.
boy: only for fun plus the sex is good.
boy: dave also swings both ways
Girl: no, way
boy: way!
by Quitelate June 8, 2006
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A phrase one uses when they don't want to or don't like doing a certain thing.
Mel: Damn check out Rick's nice ass
Bob: Uhh no thanks, I don't swing that way
Mel: You did last year with Mike
Bob: Shh, only that once...

Kevin: Hey Tom, We're going to tax shit from Wal-Mart, wanna come?
Tom: Sorry dude, i don't swing that way.
Kevin: Pussy
Tom: Mm Pussy, i DO swing THAT way.
by Sex, drugs & dora-the-explorer September 1, 2008
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I am not that sexuality. Mostly said as in I am not homosexual.
Man: Want to go out to dinner sometime?
Man: Sorry I dont swing that way, I'm straight.
Man: Oh ok, no problem.
by Santas Sexy Helper August 1, 2004
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basically saying you don't do something. More often than not, it's to clairfy about your sexual orientation, but down here, it's more of a "that ain't my thing" deal.
Wanna smoke?
Nah man, I don't swing that way.
by Candice February 27, 2004
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