A term used to denote ones intentions; how they shall comport themselves; a protocol based on the principals of strength (courage, power, force) and Honor (integrity, honesty, respect)
1. The people asked her to be their leader because she demonstrated strength and honor in all she did for them.

2. As the barbarians crested the hill, the General raised his sword to his troops and belted out "Strength and Honor" as the battle cry.
3. America will only survive if her people return to the values of strength and honor in the home and in the workplace.
by AntHed February 7, 2013
The genre of strength that can be displayed by crackheads, usually in fits of rage and/or at the comedown of a high. This strength is rarely known as the victims of such force are usually killed or crackheads themselves. It is best exemplified by the grip of a crackhead, and those on the business end feel instantly helpless, both from the power exerted and the determined look in the crackheads eyes
"Did you see the way that bum was clenching his fists?"
"Ya man I bet hes got mad crackhead strength"
by Kid Gruesome June 3, 2009
Used to describe the suprising ability of older men (e.g. your father in his 40-50s) to out-lift, out-drink, and generally out-work younger and more physically fit men.
I thought I could take my old man, but seeing him move that couch today I have to bow down to his man-strength
by GT1979 June 11, 2004
(n) The inhuman strength posessed by a retard.
After I tried to take his helmet away, Jimmy started flailing and unleashed his tard strength on me.
by ObiWanKenblowme October 29, 2003
A strength a dad possess that will not allow him to lose in physical combat to his son.
My dad beat me in a fight using his dad strength.
by nezo397 February 9, 2014
The sudden reflexes acquired to do stuff after jacking off. Used by Itsreal85 on YouTube.
I just clicked on this YouTube video in a heartbeat like I have immortal jack strength.
by Ma$terC August 4, 2017
The uncanny ability for people who are not quite right in the head to have sometimes supernatural strength. Particularly when they are wound up from you calling them a retard.
"Was abusing mental sheppy the other day"
"Fuck that mate, hes got proper mong strength"
by Nozzer September 5, 2006