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Natural strawberry blonde hair appears to be a shade of very light, rose-tinged blond-ish brown, but that is only an optical illusion. Strawberry blonde hair is a combination of two individual hair colors - blonde and red - on one scalp. Each strand of hair is either blonde or red, with red always predominant. There are no in-between, "pinkish" strands. The difference in shades of strawberry blonde hair depend on the proportion of blonde strands to red strands. Natural human hair has a variety of shades, but genetically they can only be of blonde, red or brunette. Pink hair only comes from salons.
Similarly, the "shade" of hair known as dirty blonde is a combination of individual strands that are either blonde or dark brunette, nothing in between, and blonde is always predominant.
by Souldeep69 September 05, 2016
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A shade of hair colour that is neither red nor blonde but a mixture in between. It can be a very light to medium shade of hair colour but is always a very warm one. People who have this hair colour naturally usually have pale skin and freckles. It is a rare colour to have naturally and less common than the other red-toned shades of hair colours.

It is not, contrary to popular belief, a bright or intense copper or orange shade that some would commonly call 'ginger' (which is often an offensive and negative term to use for anyone with any shade of red in their hair). Some people who have those shades of hair colour often wrongly call themselves a 'strawberry blonde'.

You are NOT a strawberry blonde if your hair is of a bright orange, deep red, auburn or chestnut shade.

It is strictly a colour term for hair that is of a blonde shade but with warm golden - reddish tones. Imagine a light to medium ash blonde shade of hair and then swap around the ash tones with gold or red ones.... THAT'S a true strawberry blonde.
"I'm NOT ginger you moron. I have Strawberry Blonde hair and there is a BIG difference between the two.
Go get an eye-colour test first, then try working on your lack of a personality and any other insecurities or form of self-loathing you may suffer from which makes you feel that you have to pick on someone else over their hair colour in an attempt to try to make your pitiful self feel better."

Difference between us: I could choose to change my hair colour but I'm afraid you're stuck with that low level of intelligence for life... tough luck"
by mimi75 April 24, 2010
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The mix between red hair and blonde hair. As this hair color is relatively uncommon, some people will call their hair blonde and some will call it red/ginger. It's appropriate name, however, is strawberry blonde. It looks like light red hair.
Dave Mustaine, frontman of the Thrash Megadeth, has strawberry blonde hair.
by Rattlehead96 March 10, 2012
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I’m a fricken strawberry blonde not a ginger or regular blonde!!! Some people call me ginger. Some call me blonde but my hair is a blonde with red mixed in get it right bitches!
β€œShe is a ginger.”
β€œNo she is a blonde!”
β€œI’m strawberry blonde you pricks!”
by Fernc099er October 10, 2018
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a rare hair color. not a ginger. some sexy ass shit your jealous cause your common brown hair isnt on the same level of greatness. pair this with a good looking person its unstoppable force who might take YOUR bitch. hate on.
girl: "damn i bet that handsome strawberry blonde dude over there has a pornstar dick"
by Jim Genius July 19, 2014
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Is NOT the same as ginger hair, but is unfortunately sometimes considered the same. A real Strawberry blonde has got light red hair, with light blonde highlights. It's a very uncommon hair color. It is required to have genes for both blonde and red hair from both your mother's side and your father's side, and since blonde is more dominant than red hair, so it does not occur very often. Strawberry blonde is one of the absolutely most uncommon hair colors.

"Fake" Strawberry blondes are just people who are gingers, but has got a lighter shade of red, or people with darker hair who failed when bleaching it. (Gives a bright yellow/orange color)

Strawberry blondes might or mightn't have freckles, and most commonly green eyes. Sometimes they're blue though.

So, real gingers, don't try to trick people into thinking you're strawberry blondes when you're not! If you don't have natural blonde highlights in it, you're a ginger and therefor have no soul!
"Dude, I saw this girl with long strawberry blonde hair the other day!"

"Yeah, it was really beautiful and golden-colored!"
"Did she have highlights in it?"

"Then she failed when bleaching her hair. She's most likely a soulless ginger."
"Dude, really? Damn it."
by IKnowEverythingThatYouDont February 12, 2012
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