Born September 13, 1961 in La Mesa, California, Dave Mustaine is the founder of the heavy metal band Megadeth. He is the former lead guitarist of rival band Metallica. Shortly after being booted from Metallica in 1983 for drug related problems as well as personality conflicts among the Metallica band members, he created his band. Dave is known for his exceptional musical gifts. His skills in rhythm as well as lead guitar and vocals are astounding. Although Megadeth has never been quite as popular a heavy metal act as Metallica (15,000,000 albums vs. Metallica's 90,000,000), Mustaine still prides himself on his music. In Metallica's "Some Kind of Monster" movie documentary, he pays a visit to Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich, and expresses his regrets about leaving the band, telling Ulrich, "If I could go back to that day and change it, I would." He recently renewed his faith in Christianity and is a devoted spiritualist.
Megadeth and Dave Mustaine might not be quite as popular as Metallica, but they have every bit of talent.
by Orin February 01, 2006
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MEGADETH is the most amazing thrash/speed metal band in the world, they pwn your face.
I shall pray to the almighty Dave Mustaine tonight for your safety.
by BEANFACE December 12, 2007
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Former lead guitarist of Metallica, founder and main songwriter of Megadeth.
He is the pioneer of Thrash Metal and along with Cliff Burton, the only reason why Metallica had good music (he wrote their best songs on the first two albums).
As a band leader, he has the reputation of being a dictator but incidentally, this is also one of the main reasons why Megadeth has some of the best music in this world. Album after album is consistent unlike their rival Metallica, who again, incidentally, began to suck after Dave Mustaine's departure and Cliff Burton's demise (seriously, haven't you noticed that?!).

Dave Mustaine is a musical genius and is very charismatic.
Megadeth is way better than Metallica and most other bands for that matter. Thank you Dave Mustaine for existing.
by Polymath1990 December 25, 2008
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The metal god that formed the greatest, most consistent (in terms of great albums) metal band Megadeth. Amazing songwriter and guitarist its a pity Metallica replaced him with that tone deaf Kirk Hammet but he can play fast and I guess thats what matters right?
Dave Mustaine has overcome so much in his life whether it be drugs, or the Metallica ordeal (which it is more to it then what has been made public). His sexy golden locks glow and like Samson in the bible they give him his power. Dave is also a more versatile writer then his rivals; seriously Metallica could never write a song like Hangar 18, they arent as creative or talented.
by till_deth_do_us_part January 11, 2006
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Aggressive, Intelligent, and Talented, Dave Mustaine is the founder/rhythm guitarist/lead vocalist for the Thrash Metal band, Megadeth. Dave Mustaine Joined Metallica in 1982, only to be kicked out after writing many riffs for the band due to his severe alcoholism and drug abuse. Sometime after than, he formed Megadeth. He has also created Gigantour, a travelling metal music festival, which started in 2007. Dave Mustaine is a Born-Again Christian, and a devout spiritualist.
Dave Mustaine is one of the best guitarists in the world.
by Chthulu Mythos August 26, 2009
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The man behind Megadeth. Formed Megadeth after he was kicked out of Metallica for drug abuse. He was both the lead guitarist and lead vocalist of Megadeth, until he injured the nerves in his arm and Megadeth disbanded without him.
Dave Mustaine is a great thrash guitarist and a "born-again christian".
by John June 22, 2005
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Dave Mustain is the very talented Guitarist and lead singer of the heavy metal band Megadeth, he is otherwise notorious for getting kicked out of the band Metallica in his early days because of his unhealthy behaviour. Among amateur rock musicians, likening a band member to dave Mustaine means that they are unprofessional and that their general attitude impedes on the overall quality of the band, because they can't walk the line for example. Note that the real Dave Mustaine is a musical genius (regardless of his other problems), but a "Dave Mustaine" doesn't have to be particularly talented.
-Hey Slash, how's your band?
-It's O.K., but our lead singer is a fucking Dave Mustaine! We probably wouldn't keep him if he wasn't so talented.
-Oh, he is good? So he is like a real dave Mustaine then!
by Zub January 12, 2006
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