Slang for something that is hot, as in : Top of a stove hot.
Anything that is too hot to handle, can be called a 'Stove Top'
Tracy Morgan has the word Stove Top tattooed on his penis.
by Travesty8me June 30, 2009
A small amount of white woman, who only dates men of African decent usually over weight or pretty but containing some of the worlds deadlist or contagious STD’s known to man.
Look at that stove top over there, I heard she only dates black men but that’s ok, it’s better to keep the diseases with her kind
by Righteous speech 101 April 6, 2018
The act of performing bare bottomed flatulence in a person's face who is laying down. Similar to a dutch oven in terms of sharing a fart with an unsuspecting individual.
Check out Mandy passed out on the couch. Go hit her with the carolina stove top.
by BFG Arebeekay January 26, 2017
She was so excited we didn't make it out of the kitchen so I gave her some stove top stuffing.
by Estaban69 August 17, 2009
The coolest of the cool. Like if The Fonz and a freezer had a child in Antarctica.

-But then, somewhere in Alaska, a young Brad Pitt smoking a cigarette had an immaculate conception caused by 'the holy spirit of swagger' whispering in his ear. And he bared that child.

-And then, those two babies grew up to be adults, and met each other, and then fucked. (in an igloo)

--and those two conceived a child, the female carried that child for 9 months, and then gave birth to a healthy baby, and then put sunglasses on that baby...
...that baby would be 'Stove-Top Nasty'
"You just got your dream job?!?! Stove-top nasty."

"That live Led Zeppelin concert last night, where they resurrected the dead members of the band just to play for 12 hours straight was fucking stove-top nasty."

"She IS stove-top nasty, marry her this instant!"

"What does stove-top nasty mean?"
"Its something some of us are just born knowing the meaning of, and others aren't."

"It's all stove-top nasty, nigga"

"If Jesus was a modern day gangsta, he would be fucking stove-top nasty, for sure."
by ~Easy E March 11, 2014
An adjective usually pertaining to muffins, meaning very hot and plumpy; your finger tips will burn if touched. Usually located within close proximity of stickers.
"Watch out, baby girl got some stove top muffins, her momma's gonna whip your ass if you try to eat them."
by Graham Bennett May 10, 2006