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A term used to describe a fanfiction's relationship to canon. It is used for fanfictions that are not set in an alternate universe (AU), meaning that the author made an effort to not contradict the canon setting, plot development, characters, etc.
Fangirl 1: I read this great fanfiction over the weekend
Fangirl 2: Was it canon compliant?
Fangirl 1: Yeah, it had all the same characters and plot details as the show!
by strawbfairy March 8, 2017
This can be one of two things.

1) When you aspire for your group of friends to be as cool as another group of friends

2) What you say when your friend group just took an awesome selfie, are twinning and rocking it, etc, etc
1) "OMG they have a group Halloween costume? Squad goals!"

2) "That selfie looks amazing! We're so squad goals!"
by strawbfairy October 29, 2015
An adorable animal the world decided to obsess over in 2015. It's fluffy, and...actually, I'm pretty sure that's all we cared to learn about them. We were still obsessed with them, but rather than learning about them, we made a song about them! Ah, humanity.
The llama song:
"Fluffy llama, sad llama, mentally disturbed llama! Super llama, drama llama, big fat mama llama!"
See? We were obsessed with them, but not really anything about them as an animal...just them.
by strawbfairy October 29, 2015
Every Sunday on Twitter, a hashtag starting with the letters LGBTQ trends, and LGBTQ+ people post selfies using the hashtag.
Happy Sungay y’all #LGBTQueens
by strawbfairy October 26, 2019
A meme that originated from a scene in the Spongebob episode ‘Fear of a Krabby Patty’ where Mr. Krabs rings a bell and shouts “Day 15! Give it up for day 15!” On the 15th of the month, users on various social media platforms will post an image of the scene to humorously “celebrate” day 15.
Twitter User 1: Happy day 15! *tweets picture of Mr. Krabs ringing bell*
Twitter User 2: LOL I love day 15 *retweets*
by strawbfairy June 20, 2021