The morning after smoking weed, kinda like a hangover when youve been drinking.

Unlike a hangover, you dont feel sick or unwell. Effects of a stoneover is genrally not being able to think straight or feeling generally a little fuzzy round the edges.

Like a hangover you wont always get one, just luck of the draw.
Q. you feelin ok today, you dont seem with it.
A. Im ok, just got a stoneover.

by stoneover August 7, 2007
The feeling you have the morning after a night of smoking pot, usually including feelings of drowsiness and sluggishness like a hangover, but unlike hangovers, there's an overall feeling of comfortability and contentment.
"Dude we smoked four bowls last night and I'm still kinda baked..."

"Yeah man you've got a stoneover."
by KingofEggos April 7, 2010
stoneover: where you have consumed a large amount of weed the night b4 and u wake up in the morning still kinda stoned and feeling dizzy like a hangover. funny feeling, lasts all day.
Friend: whats wrong with you today?
Stoner: oh ive just got a massive stoneover aye.
Friend: oh yep.
by the wind is changing September 1, 2005
A term used to describe the feeling felt in the morning after a a night of getting stoned, similar to a hangover.
Chris: Ahh man we were totally stoned last night

Charles: I know man, I've got a stoneover
by Jallooe February 13, 2011
the morning after affect you get after smoking marijuana. like a hangover only with pot instead of alchohol.
man.. my head's pounding.. i have a killer stoneover
by emma October 29, 2003