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"comfort" the words of a math teacher.
"He is a man who enjoys his comfortability."
by Padgett September 1, 2007
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The quality of a place to make you feel perfectly at home or at ease.
Nicole said, "When I walked into this place, I thought, WOW, what great comfortability. They really made this a cozy and comfortable place.

On the comfortability scale, Dena's porch is a 9 1/2.
by Nicole Perry June 2, 2007
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when your so comfortable everyone elses level of comfort seems inferior and futile
Mike-"Nick you always get the best sleeping spot"
Nick-"I know, I have comfortitis right now"
by kro43434343 January 3, 2009
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A beautiful girl that tries her best to make people smile. She has a big heart and loves all. This girl is always there when you need someone to talk to. She's the type of girl that think nobody likes her but is loved by many.
We should kik comfort she is so nice.. I don't know why she thinks nobody likes her.
by usbskj July 10, 2014
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To soothe with gentle actions such as:
Back rub, back pat, a hug, or a kiss
She broke down in tears and her guy-friend tried to comfort her by giving her a back rub
by iiCandy_Pop October 31, 2016
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A lady with an enchanted smile whose heart is filled with love and roses.
That lady is uniquely different from all the others...

She's a comfort
by Prime 20 October 24, 2019
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a person who makes you feel like you matter, they always remind you that you're loved an valid. you can never express how much you love them for all they've done for you<3
somone: so who's you're comfort?
me asf: jules, id die for them in a heartbeat
by Rivuwu May 29, 2021
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