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- A slang word for prison

- Stir is a 19th-century slang term for "prison," which some word historians believe is derived from the Romani stariben, which has the same meaning.
“I was in Brummagem, and was seven days in the new ‘stir’ (prison).” The term “Brummagem” was a local nickname for the English city of Birmingham.

- However, the phrase “in stir” (without the article) was the usual slang term for “in prison.”
by Vabe Tellurion December 19, 2022
Padayon means ‘to continue.’ This word best describes the Cebuanos’ spirit of resilience and positivity. Regardless of how challenging the situation is, we always find a reason to move forward.
“Maabot ra lagi ta sa didto puhon. Padayon lang.”

“We’ll get there, God-willing. Just continue.”
by Vabe Tellurion December 30, 2022
Tsismis comes from the Spanish word chismes / Chisme, which means gossip that been adopted by Filipinos
Filipino: Ang hilig mo talga sa tsismis.

English: You really like to listen to gossip.
by Vabe Tellurion December 20, 2022
Meaning: to party, to socialize and have fun.

If Russians love anything, it's having fun. Anyone visiting Russia will notice that Russians frequently hang out and party in common places such as bars, restaurants, and nightclubs.
Ну, можешь тусить с нами
Well, you can hang out with us
by Vabe Tellurion December 30, 2022
“A heartwarming story that moved you to tears.”
Basically, any movie with a dog in it does this to me. If you want to experience Commuovere firsthand, watch Hachiko, a film based on a true story about a dog who waited for his owner at the train station every day – and did so for years after the owner died. (It's okay to cry right now.)
by Vabe Tellurion December 13, 2022
ダサい (dasai)

"Dasai" means "lame," and it can refer to both fashion and people. Many children will call their parents ダサい (dasai) because they don't know what the latest trends are or about certain celebrities. You could also refer to someone's attire as (dasai).
ダサい (dasai) may also refer to being uncool, unsophisticated, unfashionable, out of fashion, tacky
by Vabe Tellurion December 20, 2022
Example: "Hey man, sorry I'm late. Some total church bell on the street wouldn't stop lecturing me about Scientology. Do you know what a thetan is?"
by Vabe Tellurion December 19, 2022