A work shift scheduled by you - so you can earn money without missing out on your studies or the fun.
"I just finished a Stint - can't believe I earned £70 when I would've been doing nothing otherwise."
"How comes you are balling so much atm? I've been doing a few Stints."
"I'm around all week for a drink, as I can book my Stint whenever I’ve got nothing on."
by Sam202020 October 28, 2020
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Dude you are so acting stint; Yo you're stint.
by Big Boyz January 8, 2010
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a short mistake with someone only lasting a few days or a few weeks
Me and that one guy had a stint. We dated for only three days.

Stints stink!
by Lydia Butler February 26, 2008
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slang term: to be high on marijuana, or stoned
Lets get stint
man i'm stinted
stoned stinted
by Jacob Dee February 5, 2010
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On international womens day Mrs Stint told her three friends Rose, Phyllis and Imogen she was online dating Adebiyi from Nigeria. She also provided explicit insight into their "ever-evolving", "passionate" and "heart-warming" exchange of personal information. Phyllis caught the hiccups when Mrs Stint announced that she was going to bear the expenses of Adebiyi's travel documents, tickets and new clothes for his trip to Fakenham.
Rose collapsed when Mrs Stint expressed a "unique connection" and hopes of wedding "her beau".
Mrs Stint totally crushed on Adebiyi.
by Krkič March 9, 2020
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When an artist is banned from the USA exceeding more than a stint of 17 plus years and now they are able to come back to the US for business or work.
Slick Rick The Ruler is finally able to return to the States after his Buju Banton Stint.
by GeoTheBoss June 15, 2022
A northern Welsh slang term to refer to a a step/staircase
Just go up the stint and grab me my phone

Mind the stint on your way out
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