Someone who won't spend money, or give you anything of his. My stingy ex boyfriend made me buy dinner every night for us and all his friends. I never got a sweatshirt, present or anything from him. My friends were mad, my parents were mad, and I was broke. Bad experience. Don't date someone who's stingy.
The one night I left quickly and didn't have time to pay for dinner, my ex-boyfriend, SAM L, left without paying.
by haha just got dumped.. June 13, 2005
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Someone who will avoid paying for anything at any cost, besides actual money. This person is usually worthless and will no amount to anything in life.
Mr. Braska didn't pay rent again and he took a hit of my bowl without asking. He's so stingy.
by boomertastic December 16, 2011
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That little puppet guy from Lazytown.
Man: You know how that mine song with Stingy has been blowing up when it comes to memes?
Man#2: Yeah! Sometimes they can be funny!
by jakeisgr8t March 01, 2017
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