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Blood gang from California which was started in the 60's
Brims are one of the first 5 sets of Blood in California
by BanG-out Brim February 12, 2005
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Frenemy has a family tragedy. "Thoughts and prayers."
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Another word for 'bro' or 'mayne'
"What's up brim?"

"Yeah, I'm goin to hang out with my brim."
by thewhitetunechi January 29, 2012
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Custom rims installed on a vehicle that has a value lower than the cost of the rims. Brims first became popular in Compton and then spread to other areas of the country such as Detroit and Atlanta. Although it was originally an urban phenomenon, it has spread to the suburbs.
Dion purchased some new brims for $4000 to put on his 84 Malibu.
by Peter in H-Town December 20, 2007
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the act of filling a container to the brim
man 1: can I get another glass of wine
man 2: yeh mate I’ll brim you

past tense:

man 1: me and andrew were totally brimming our shots last night
man 2: we should do some brimming somtime
by Anne Spank February 05, 2019
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"Tom almost made that free throw...yea he brim'd it!!"
by plattnnum November 04, 2009
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