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Someone who is crazed by the idea of sex. Their fascination by the act of sex and desire to begin intercourse, superceeds all other rules and respects otherwise obeyed by the general public.

Often, the sex enacted by such creatures is brutally inappropriate and completely of this world. Sometimes, public displays of this can be observed in the changing rooms of large department stores.
Horny Devil: "Come back to my house baby"
Person: "Why would you want to?"
Horny Devil: "I want to rip your clothes off with my teeth before we hit the sack.. if we last that far"
Person: "Sounds good."
by GentleCaress January 18, 2009

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Australian Slang for 'Chockablock'

Translates to filled up completely.
"Mate, don't use the back shitter, she's chockers from last night.'
by GentleCaress September 18, 2017

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A Vietnamese Dog Roll (VDR) is a cheap and cheerful delicacy typically served out of some independent bakeries, lunch bars or specialty shops.

The proper VDR consists of a roughly 6-8 inch baguette, filled with Roast Pork with crackling skin (or chicken, or both), Pickled Carrot, Cucumber and Cilantro (Coriander) Variants may include other ingredients, pate, butter, lettuce, onion, etc however the addition of some of these other ingredients may upset some 'purists.'

The origin of the term VDR is unknown however one theory is the Vietnamese Rolls are the answer to the western Hot Dog in the shape of the baguette, the fact it uses warm meat in the middle, the price and the ease of availability supports this.
Person A: "I got a fever, and the only prescription is more dog rolls!"
by GentleCaress July 20, 2014

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Cheap. Refuses to part with seemingly low value items not neccisarily required by the person. These items may be such as money, a bit of spare time, a bit of help or a bit of attention. Commonly used against males.
1) That guys stingy because he did not pay for that girls meal even tho hes dating her, i dont know how she puts up with him!

2) That guys stingy because hes not even paying attention to her, even though shes trying desperately for his attention.

3) That guys stingy because hes not lending a hand to that guy whos hanging off that building asking for a bit of help to get down, even though hes only caught on a hook and the guy is right next to it!

4) That guys stingy because he didnt do his homework and hes blaming it on someone else.
by GentleCaress November 27, 2005

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