Male singer, born in Hoboken and a famous philosopher
Sartre: To do is to be
Descartes: To be is to do
Sinatra: Do be do be do
by Drewes Tebbes September 21, 2006
Male sexual organ.

Usually accompanied with a indication towards the crotch.

It was made famous by 'Give 'em Hell, Malone', a movie released in 2009.
Suck my Sinatra.
by whatevermakesyouhappy May 17, 2009
immense talent, bad-ass attitude, incredible emotion
Yea, good show, but it was no Sinatra.
by Grem1in November 24, 2008
one that loves to break wind and will do so anytime or anywhere (like a crooner that breaks into song in an old 40’s musical)
“Dude, plug that blow hole. Nobody wants to wants to hear your ‘Summer Wind’. Don’t be a sphincter Sinatra.”
by goose_on_a_roof October 11, 2020
Juan let a Sinatra fart in G-sharp.
by I, Wreckerrr October 22, 2016
Young Sinatra is one of Logic’s, America rapper, alter-egos. He went by this name mainly in his first four released mixtapes. His fans use this name to refer to his style of rap from his earlier mixtapes. The name is also used to refer to Logic himself before releasing any albums (Aka. 2009-2013)
Man I wish Logic would drop some Young Sinatra stuff again. I miss those days.
by Machiniak April 8, 2018
Sir Robert Bryson Hall II (born January 22, 1990), known by his stage name Young Sinatra, Psychological or Logic, is an American rapper. He was born and raised in Gaithersburg, Maryland. He has amassed a large Internet following and is a member of the RattPack, his group of friends that he works with. Logic has released four official mixtapes, with the most recent being the critically acclaimed Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever. He is currently signed with Visionary Music Group and Def Jam Recordings and released his debut album Under Pressure on October 21, 2014.
Person 1: Did you hear that sick Young Sinatra joint?
Person 2: Who hasn't!
by Hypnotism June 8, 2015