(Presents Tense)It stick to the wall.
(Past Tense) It sticked to the wall.
by Grapfruit December 11, 2018
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To punch so one in the face, cheek or jaw
Marty: dang that guy's face is swelled up,
Marlon: i sticked him for messing with me!!!
by housm July 10, 2015
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The place we were headed was out in the sticks, so we didn't expect there to be much else around it.
by FawazP November 05, 2006
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"stick" is a slang term used in south florida(miami for example) which is used to describe an ak- 47, but is also sometimes used to describe a big gun(automatic) such as an ar- 15 or m- 16.
goon #1:man these f*** n****'s around the corner just tryed me!

goon #2: man f*** that go grab the stick!
by stikman18 November 30, 2010
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1) A device, either given or not, used for rescuing young boys who have fallen on one's ice lawn.
2) Strong Bad and The Cheat's most favorite meeting place/hangout.
Give him the stick....DON'T GIVE HIM THE STICK!
by SpookyTree April 14, 2004
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