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The act of looking hideously upward whilst swaying and grooving to an unknown orchestra in the sky.
Stevie Wondering has many practical applications such as:

-Marking coordinates for a mortar strike
-Signaling cargo vessels into port
-Recieving interstellar radio transmissions
-Controlled demolition of uninhabited buildings
-Performing cesarian section procedures
-Triggering lasers at Pink Floyd concerts
-Adjusting spark timing on internal combustion engines
-Tuning pianos
-Cleaning skyscraper windows
-Navigating your way through a labyrinth
-Telepathically commanding squirrels to do your dirty work
-Triggering avalanches
-Removing stains on leather upholstery
-Measuring tire pressure
-Analysing exhaust emissions
-Causing the heads of clowns to spontaneously rupture
-Instantly solving complex algebraic equations
-Causing large bridges to oscillate at a specific resonant
-Heating large vats of cooking oil quickly and painfully
-Replacing lightbulbs on radio communications towers
-Consulting with the rain?
-Prepping automobiles for paint
-Chiseling birthday cards into slates
-Constructing massive heated beaver dams for your family to live in
-Steam distilling large amounts of drinking water
-Pumping sludge from basement sinkholes

-And above all, playing one hell of a piano groove
by ellsworthtoohey August 02, 2012
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To move one's head in order to gaze inquisitively at something while wearing sunglasses.
What are you Stevie Wondering about?
by ichigosweet October 07, 2010
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