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First person to call "shotgun!" gets the front passenger seat.Usually "shotgun" is called when some smelly ass or really fuckin annoying people are going to be in the back seat. Or shotgun is the actual front passenger seat.
"Duuude, I called it like 3 minutes ago."
"Ok you have can it."
by J-dubbles April 23, 2004

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the most amazing, plump, round, juicy tits you can imagine and always look like they are going to pop out of any shirt.
Look at those machine gun jubblies. I just busted three nuts.
by J-dubbles April 22, 2004

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The musical genius of all musical geniuses....A musical GOD. Besides being unbelievably talented, he is a great person who truly cares about everyone/everything. I could never sum him up in words. He's too great. If you don't listen to him, get his music. You won't turn be able to turn back.
Listen to Stevie Wonder.....
Once you go Stevie, You never go back.
by J-dubbles December 15, 2004

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a very universal adjective used to describe anything that is extremely awesome, badass, or insane.
"Dude, I just had sex with this hella hot mom named Sharon!"

"Hmmm, Sharon? That's really fuckin' rugged. I can't even describe it. I am jealous."
by J-dubbles May 21, 2004

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A male, usually very odd looking, much like a leprechaun, who takes advantage of extremely drunk or unconscious women.
Kyle is such a dirty svett. I just saw him romping a girl who passed out near a porta-potty.
by J-dubbles April 22, 2004

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an interjectionary word. most used to express euphoria or orgasm.
Schmizzow! That was a great toe fuck!
by J-dubbles April 21, 2004

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Slang, short for "destructive rampage". Specifically, a d-ramp is when a group of people go around their town and fuck a lot of people's shit up. Lawn ornaments, those glass, colorful balls that people put in their yards(gazing balls), mailboxes, and cars are just some of the things that get fucked up. Usually, a d-ramp consists of 4-5 people who are really pissed off or really bored.
"I got a lot of anger built up!"
"You know what that calls for....."
"A d-ramp!!!"
by J-dubbles May 05, 2004

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