Braille as most know is the writting system for blind people. It is made up of small bumps.

Braille also describes the nipples when they are errect, under a shirt. Cause it's cold, or the girl is horny. Usualy used to aleret a buddy to someone near.
"Yo, that chick has mad braille."
by Jason August 03, 2004
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Language spoken by severely drunk people.
Peter was so blind last night, he was speaking braille.
by Busted Hyman July 04, 2006
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Braille is a caucasian MC with records like "Timeless" and "Shades of Grey." If you appreciate a deeper form of hip hop, you should check him out. Except that he sings about God a lot for some reason.
Man did you see the Braille show last night? Fuckin SICK.
by Ashent June 28, 2006
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To braille someone means to explore that person's face or body with the fingers as if reading text in Braille. May also be used by blind guys as a pick-up line ("May I braille you?").
"I Read Her Body Like Braille" is a poem by the Nigerian poet Toni Kan in his book "Songs of Absence and Despair."
by toinfinityandbeyond October 09, 2009
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when searching for an object or feeling something that your eyes cannot see but your hands can feel.
i had to go brailling for my copy of stars wars episode one under the couch.
by bobbyflyboy12 September 19, 2010
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secret code word for marijuana, used in Pennsylvanian berbs.
"Annie, I need the braille"


"Do you know where the braille's at?"
by BlueberrySpaceJaymz January 12, 2010
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