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An extremely caring, handsome, funny and, outgoing guy that loves to have fun with his friends. Last one in the party to leave because he doesn’t want the party to ever end. Very good boyfriend that will give you the world without him asking. And he probably already fucked your bitch with you even knowing..
Conor: Yoo Stephon did not want to leave my party last night man had to tell him to Leave 😂

Henry: Haha Haha! That’s funny but I heard that he sleep with my girl at that party..
by Trueledgend22 April 30, 2019
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An incredibly handsome and smart man. he may have a few insercerities but he is actually perfect in the eyes of the ones who love him. he seems tough and storng on the outside but his true friends can see what a softie he is. he is loving and faithful and knows how to make the one he loves feel like the most important and beautiful woman in the world. he will always be there for the ones he cares about.
girl 1: "gosh amber you are so lucky to have stephon
girl 2: " I know. hes perfect"
by bblynny May 22, 2011
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1) Person who is very wonderful to date, tends to have a bossy undertone though.
2) A possible porn star.
Lisa: Oh my God I'm dating Stephon!
Katie: ...I care why?

Tina: Well that guy was a definite Stephon..
by Tak-Tak August 27, 2008
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