NBA Legend Steph Curry's wife. Most known for being a cook, television personality, and wife of Steph Curry. Common misconception that she sleeps with other men, although never fully denied by her or curry.
NBA Twitter Fan 1: Yo bro did you see Curry drop 50 last night?
NBA Twitter Fan 2: Yea but bro Ayesha Curry is cheating on him.
Context: Curry's wife sleeps with other men.
by realdefinerong May 1, 2023
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An amazing person, someone that kids look up to. People want to be like Ayesha Curry. She isn't perfect. So people need to stop holding her to high standards and need to stop judging because you aren't perfect either.Her name is amazing and it means life.She is the wife of NBA play Stephen Curry, and an amazing chef, and a mother...So maybe people should check themselves before they check her.
Subscribe to Ayesha Curry youtube channel called Little Lights Of Mine.
by Deergrass December 5, 2016
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Is a wannabe chef, wife to Stephen Curry, and mother their kids. She has no real job listed but is getting a cooking show within just being Stephen Curry's wife so she gets that handed to her. She starts up a lot of controversy between all the non nba and nba fans.
I thought that Ayesha Curry was a chef until on Chopped it just said food blogger
by Truthspeakernotahater July 13, 2016
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