The last step in a systematic and carefully devised cunning tripartite strategy.
Step 1: invade Iraq
Step 2: ?
Step 3: PROFIT!
by Malleus Dei December 4, 2009
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1. A very bad situation
2. The song by Olivia Rodrigo
1. Dude that situation was 1 step forwards, 3 steps back
2. Have you heard the song "1 step forwards, 3 steps back"?
by Le bisexual pyrokinetic June 1, 2021
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Not for gals to no!!!! if u no boyz den used them well, if u dnt ure a muderfucker gay hoe
by CHIEF July 17, 2003
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Stage name for the legendary Peter Paul Pigmans, a producer of gabber music.
I miss 3 steps ahead.
by AcneAndAnthrax May 4, 2015
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Procedure follows in 3 steps:

1. Jam open palm hand in vagina.

2. Embed open palm hand in ass.

3. Clap her insides like wind up monkey.
I infixed my hand in her vagina, fused my other in her ass, then I clapped with the intensity of a naked warrior. 3 step clap.
by jessssss July 30, 2007
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a very common drop back for a quarter back before he passes. Composed of taking three steps back as if you were on a ladder; one over another.
Vick takes his 3 step drop, and decides to scramble instead of throwing.
by DaMang111 February 22, 2006
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