Simply put, step 2 is ???.
Step 1: Lasers
Step 2: ???
Step 3: Profit!
by Yams July 3, 2007
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"We went to step 2 last night"
"Shut up man, you're virgin"
by JackLOSTShepard December 3, 2009
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In South Park the TV show, Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman found a place underground where gnomes work constantly; step number one is to steal underwear, step three is to take over the world and no one knows what step two is.
Stan:"So what do you do?"
Gnome:"Step one, steal underpants. Step three take over the world!!"
Stan:"So what is step number 2?"
Gnome 1 :*pauses*"um, hey guys what's step two?"
Gnome 2 :*shruggs* "I don't know."
by he who stands there July 2, 2006
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A movie about a girl who street dances and she goes to school otherwise her mum's friend (who she lives with because her real mum died) will send her away and when she goes to school she meets this guy who looks like a proper nerd but can street dance too and then she also meets this other guy (robert hoffman) who is really hot but anyway he can streetdance as well and they like form a lil group with other people who you wouldn't think could street dance to compete against the girls old lil street dancig group because they kicked her out because she was missing rehearsals so they both compete at 'The Streets' which is this place where street dancers/break dancers all compete and in the end the group with the main girl and chase (robert hoffman) win but it's ace because they do this final dance at the streets and its awesome so yeah.

That's basically the main things tha happen lol
In other words...
One of my best movie's everr =
"Heyy did you see Step Up 2 at the cinema?"
"Yeah it's ace!"
"To the maxx"
by Kat2k8 April 10, 2008
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2-stepping is actually (potentially) the least violent move associated with hardcore dancing. 2-stepping is much like skanking, a dance typically performed at ska shows, except more violent, with slightly changed steps. 2-stepping/two-stepping is executed during a "2-step" part of the song. 2-step parts are typically characterized by "bass, bass, snare" rolling, repititious drum beats and a "rolling" guitar line. One knows when to 2-step because they hear/feel the beat, and know respond with 2-step. To the trained ear, it's instinctual.

The most basic 2-step is performed like so:
Step 1: (Simultaneously) Slight hop onto right foot, bring left leg forward (like a kick), bend over slightly and, bring the left arm back, the right arm left/downward across the body.
Middle-step: Bring the left foot back, hopping onto it and putting your weight on it.
Step 2: Shoot the left arm right/downward/across the body while bringing the right arm back and bringing the right leg forward (like kicking).
Now Repeat.

It clearly shows influence from, and is just a hardcore variation of, skanking. It's a very repititious, alternating, simple step, but it befits the music perfectly and many motions (violent arm swings) can be incorporated to make it more fun and interesting to perform and/or watch.
In Buffalo, NY, for example, 2-step is done to the tempo of the music, whereas in the Cleveland, Ohio scene there is less concern with 2-stepping to the tempo and more attention is given to just 2-stepping as quickly and ferociously as one can.
There are many different variations of the 2-step including swiveling ones torso almost all the way to either side, throwing the arms or elbows back as part of the step, or 2-stepping very low to the ground.
Adam: "You have a unique 2-step."

Dave: "I love seeing a whole pit of kids 2-stepping. It really tugs on my heartstrings to see that many people having fun as a result of the same thi--"
Brit "Dave, shut up."

For a good example of a 2-step beat, listen between 1:10 and 1:30 in the song "Sun Poison and Skin Cancer" by The Acacia Strain

To see kids 2-stepping in person, just go to a hardcore show!
by Dave November 9, 2006
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2 step is a loud noise that an exhaust makes
Yo 2 step that thang
by A demille adv October 14, 2019
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A type of hardcore dancing that takes place during shows in the circle pit. The dancing consists of a running in place movement with the occasional violent movement, such as a kick or punch.
I you are in the circle pit "2-stepping" make sure you don't punch a girl.
by hXc OMG May 14, 2006
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