1) an excuse as to why there is smoke coming out of your oven
2) a dish often confused for Steamed Hams
1)Chalmers: why is there smoke. Oming out of your oven
Skinner:oh, that's not smoke, thats steam. Steam from the Steamed Clams we're having.
2)Chalmers: I thought you said we were having Steamed Clams

Skinner: Oh no, i said Steamed Hams. Thats what I call hamburgers
by TheRogueChicken July 21, 2019
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Pussy after a shower. The best taste on Earth.
I ate this chicks steamed clam the other day. i love pussy right after a shower.
by Chuck Bucket January 28, 2005
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Exhaling hot, moist air through your girlfriends underwear and heating up her crotch taco.
She wasn't in the mood until I dropped my face in her lap and gave her a Steamed Clam.
by W.E. Coyote August 20, 2003
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The ultimate act of revenge upon a cheating girlfriend. This is the process in which you buy a bottle of hand sanitizer and simply remove its label and replace it with a label from a bottle of lube. Use the sanitizer as lube and she will receive the burning sting of retribution.
She cheated on me so I gave her the steamed clam.
by BGOFTACH January 17, 2010
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The act of eating out a girl while in a hot steamy shower.
Dude: So what're you gunna have for dinner?
Dude2: I don't know about you, but I'm having steamed clam.
by IrishBigguns October 5, 2005
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When a couple is spooning (the man is the "little spoon" and the female is the "big spoon") and the man surprises his lady by releasing a hot, wet fart onto the her clam, thus steaming it. Voila, STEAMED CLAM!!!
Dude, I made some delicious steamed clam(s) last night...in bed!
by ktbux June 14, 2009
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To shit on your partners chest while having sex
Damn bobby!!! What a hot steam clam
by Saggyclit March 20, 2017
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