Verb: The act of being 'steaked' by a Sonic main the the video game Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The Sonic player delivers the proverbial steak to the enemy, upon which they become 'steaked'. This can happen in a wide variety of forms, such as;

Being beaten by a Sonic player while using a character with a large matchup advantage,

Losing a stock to the spring - uair attack string
Stage-spiked by a bair,

Getting hit by a full charge hypnosmash and losing a stock very early,

And many more, all involving utter humiliation on the victim of the steaking.

The steak also symbolises what all true Sonic mains strive for. Whilst steak in itself can be won through winning matches, it can only be achieved through the steaking of all who stand in the Sonic players way on their path to epic victory.

The steak originates from a member of the Sonic community of old, where it was stated that a winning streak with Sonic in tournament play would be forever synomous with a winning steak, thus the useage of steak to defeat his enemies.
(Sonic player) *runs off-stage to perform a back-air stage spike*
(Opponent) *does not dodge in time, and loses the match*
(Sonic player) "YOU GOT STEAKED, SON!"

(Sonic player) "Just came home from a tournament, got 1st :)"
(Fellow Sonic player) "How was it?"
(Sonic player) "Tough matches the whole way through, grand finals I 2-stock steaked this snake player with 2 cypher grab KO's"
(other player) "NICE! Bringing home the steak!"
by djbrowny June 22, 2009
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Getting "Roasted or Owned"
Steaked is a word you would use after you own someone
In Context: Ohh You Just Got Steaked!!!
by SanVanz October 03, 2016
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