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Adj. - Of or pertaining to a state of being characterized by excessive badassness. More so than BAMF, yet less than Chuck Norris.
Hey, did you see The Dark Knight? That movie was Statham.


The Statham clothes Johnathan's mother bought for him helped immensely when courting the opposite sex.
by Seth Tomahawk October 03, 2008
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something that's an artless combination of mentally and spiritually hollow, homoerotic, brain dead, testosterone drenched, and absolutely devoid of any joy or art.
European sports, jason statham, a zombie from a leather bar
by imachong January 04, 2011
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When someone becomes their fourteen year old self again, characterised by activities such as forming a band to write songs about how depressed you are, hanging out at the skatepark and posting Facebook statuses which show how deep and misunderstood you are.
"His girlfriend broke up with him and now the poor guy's doing a statham"
by WhatIsHiphop June 29, 2013
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