When someone has gone so long without any sexual interaction, that they are willing to do/say some real outta pocket shit just to get turned on
Yo did y’all hear Kyle talkin about wanting to suck on Britney’s used tampon??
Yeah man, that brother starvin.
by Starvin Brother December 28, 2020
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Drawing unneeded attention to your stupid ass. Usually by bragging about yourself.
by unknown September 11, 2002
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To be hungry beyond the nth degree.

Popularised by the character in South Park of the same name.
Tony: Bill, do you fancy a bite?
Bill: Bloody oath Tony! I'm absolutely starvin marvin! I'm almost ready to eat my elbow.
by Anth June 09, 2004
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When you are very very hungry.
Shit man I'm doing the starvin marvin supreme! I need some food hardcore!
by Diego September 24, 2003
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A Starvin Marvin is a council delicacy to fill any hungry Marvins at home.....
- The highest quality tinned Baked Beans (usually Heinz) & white bread only!
- A Standard: Beans on 2 slices of Toast.
- A Vintage: Half a loaf of buttered bread and a full tin of microwaved beans.
- A Posh: same as a standard, with added cheese and/or pepper.
- If you use substitutes like Spaghetti, Crumpets/Granary etc: it's not a true Starvin Marvin.... that's just queer!
Ahh man, I'm starvin!
Dude, do you have bread & beans?
Have a Starvin Marvin, if you have half a loaf, go for a vintage! if you have some cheese... go posh!
by Mrs Nesbit April 07, 2020
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Darryl Hayword, a black male who looks very much like a starved child from Ethiopia. The skinniest black man you have ever seen, but still with a beer gut. Oftentimes getting tied up and takin to fat girls dorm rooms with no chance of escape.
Starvin Marvin eat some fuckin food!

Hey Marvin, go get them white titties.

Hey Marvin, take off your clothes again.... Ha hahahahahaha
by Frank Qualtier September 04, 2004
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So hungry you could eat starbucks and a fast food snack
Tum Tum: im starvin marvin already, like, im not hungry really. i want a starbucks and a fast food snacky
by OMGMATT September 01, 2010
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