Stanley is a former colliery town and civil parish in County Durham, England. Centred on a hilltop between Chester-le-Street and Consett, the town lies south west of Gateshead. It also happens to be an absolute shithole, where it's easier to count houses that have snow on the roof in the winter than those without. Everyone is either on drugs or is a raging alcoholic or both if you're real special. It also holds North Durham Academy within its borders. Home to a bunch of arseholes and fucktards, what a special fucking place to be.
Stanley, where wishes and dreams go to burn and die.
by Anonymousguy.19 December 27, 2019
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stanley is a town full of smackheads, charvers and wrongins. in the whole population they have approximately 9 teeth between them all
aw here mate watch out, she’s from stanley she’s a pua scruff
by dodgeydeals17375 March 10, 2021
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A dump near Consett well known for druggys, alcoholics, and people stealing your car doors and your shoelaces
Stanley = shit hole
by Bitch lasagnaa March 30, 2019
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Stanley is a stupid ass motherfucker. He is nothing but dumb and will try to be your friend just too expose you. Nobody should like him. He is an idiot. But this is not case for all of them. The other ones are just as funny as Stanley from the office
That kid is such a Stanley
via giphy
by Yakiboi76 August 28, 2020
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the world's cutest dog, always friendly and playful!!
will do anything for his owner, including stealing her socks :)
fluffly booboo
faithful and loya, scared of lightning but really brave!!
Person 1: Wow, your dog is so cute!!
Person 2: Thanks, his name's Stanley!
Person 3: cookiesssss
by psycho emo October 18, 2019
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