A person that this very happy and nice but if u cross the line they will fuck you Life up and they will not Regret it . :) so they have depression and anxiety
Uris will be nice to u but if u cross the line they will not Regret shit :/
by Meow meow killua November 23, 2020
The best person in the world!

Super pretty!
Stands out in the crowd and always has hidden talents one after another surprising fact.
Super intelligent and will have a bright future.

Can have remarks that can go out pretty sassy.
Boy: Sometimes I love you so much you're like a Urie.
by big ass hair balls May 31, 2013
In a recent magazine article on the top 10 party schools, editors decided not to include URI because it would be wrong to put a professional on a list of amateurs.
qqweiiajskljALSjdian word for sexy.
You're so Urie.
by violet green September 3, 2008
Uri’s are usually shy girls that have contruding personalities, and trust issues. Don’t get me wrong Uri’s are nice and cool and cute but they get mad at simple things so you gotta treat them delicately.If you find yourself a Uri you found yourself a good thing.
My girlfriend was such a Uri when we first met.
by Won Hari December 19, 2017
famous mexican soccer player... in his young days he messed up wesburn soccer club but earlier on messed up his coaches marriage ... now his games are televised on sportsnet
that player is gonna end up being a uri
by mbaileythexsoccergod November 17, 2009
A funny girl that everone loves and is a popular person
Uri is a cool girl " lets hang with uri"
by Lizziethedizzy August 25, 2018