short for douche bag, someone who is socially disfunctional in some way. generally an ass hole, some one who does something shady and low to someone else
"hey mal talk to jason lately?"
"no he never called me back"
"what a d bag"
by robone December 27, 2005
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1. Ironic term for douche bag, since by abbreviating "douche-bag" unnecessarily, you, in turn, resemble a "douche-bag."
Most of my friends are d bags.
by Clinto-beans July 13, 2006
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a bag or satchel of dicks of varying size and weight, closely associated to a bag of hammers. Can also be used instead of the term Dickhead or D-head.
John: Man your cousin is such a fuckin' d bag!!!
Kim: Why do you say that...?
John: Cause he's gayer than a bag of dicks!!!

Girl: Why the fuck did you cum in me, you d bag!?
Guy: I don't know, cause it felt sooo goood....
by xBlakzombie423x March 20, 2010
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A person who goes out in New Balance tennis shoes and is unable to to keep his feet together. Along with that you also have to send threating text messages, have a 250lb girlfried(Also has to be a Hillbilly). Symptoms of a D Bag are, big and dumb, weird goatees, Bipolar, control freak and other douche baggery actions. Man tits as well.
Jeff is such a D Bag. If you could of been anymore of a D Bag he would be sent to jail for being a d bag.
by Fat chance 72 April 05, 2009
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Noun - 1. Shortened version of the phrase, "douche bag". 2. Shortened version of the phrase, "dick bag".
1 - Did you see that tea-bagger with the coyboy hat?
2 - Yeah, he was a real d bag.
by Mylk November 22, 2006
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The act of placing ones asshole on another's nose. Typically is performed at the same time as a t bag.
Daniel: "Why is my mouth so salty and why does it smell like shit in here?"

Josh: "Ha, Ha!! Dog, I totally gave you a d bag while t bagging you last night!!"
by ehc1 February 11, 2011
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abbreviation for "douchebag" used when someone is such a douchebag they simple aren't worth the time it takes you to say "ouche".
"You're brother stole my last blunt and passed it while I was takin a shit. Then he fucked my girl."

"What a fuckin d-bag!"
by Trunk December 04, 2007
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