This is a city in which nobody would voluntarily return. It is a soul crushing miasma of crappiness. Imagine the cultural wastelands of suburbia mixed with the mug-a-day bleakness of urban blight and the backward ignorance of rural farm country. This would be the perfect way to describe St. Cloud, MN.
Son: "Dad, why is that man standing by the Dairy Queen dressed as a pimped-up version of Superman?"

Dad: "He's from St. Cloud. What would you expect?"
by WhiteCloudCitizen February 21, 2012
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A town in central Minnesota that is refered to as THE STC. The town is located around the Mississippi River which offers a countless number of water activities. THE STC has everything a person could want in a town. Low crime rates, great education system and a thriving economy make St. Cloud a great place to live.
Nothing else compares to St. Cloud...
by hjfdsds September 4, 2006
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The celebratory act of forcefully pissing into the face of a person who has just brought the pisser to orgasm through fellatio. To acknowledge the humanity of the fellator/fellatrix and to wash away the sins of the flesh, the pisser pours light beer over the head of the fellator/fellatrix while maintaining a steady stream of piss. Following the scripture of John 3:5, when this act is performed by two congregants of the St. Cloud Diocese, it is regarded as an acceptable substitute for Holy Communion.
"Man, Chipotle Girl just gave me the best blowie back by the dumpster. It was so good, I gave her the St. Cloud Supersoaker. She can definitely skip church on Sunday."
by Father John Kaczmarek May 8, 2021
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1) A person who plays catch with a baseball in the forest with his dead brother.

2) A total douchebag
3) A squinty eyed fuck who talks to dead people.
1) Hey Joe, who you talking to? You Brad St. Cloud fuck.
2) Your such a Brad St. Cloud
3) Hey Brad St. Cloud, you talking to the dead again.
by bahaha123 September 8, 2010
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The city of St. Cloud, MN, referred to Somali St. Cloud because of the large Somali population in the city. Often abbreviated to SSC.
Kate: Where should we go for vacation this summer?
Kieran: We should go to Somali St. Cloud, I want to meet my bros Abdirahman, Abdikhalif, and Osmen.
Kate: That sounds like a great idea! I'll take you to the best Somali restaurants here.
by lavatoryguardian April 15, 2013
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A man who one day in the late 90s decided he needed to 'protect' the city of St Cloud MN. He perched himself at a highly noticed intersection of town, 25th Ave and Divison St. the former home of a small Dairy Queen. He work a tight fitting, cut muscle style, Superman tshirt and donned a large American flag on a pole. He could be seen at this location for quite something until he was trespassed from the property and adjoining businesses for harassment to customers.

To this day in 2021 he still is seen driving the streets of ol StC in his same shirts (much, MUCH larger) and flags to more draw up fights with locals.
Sarah...'wanna go to go to DQ and get a blizzard?'
Julie...'NO WAY! St Cloud Superman is out there again and being really creepy! Let's go to the Red Barn instead!'
by ElleNels February 4, 2021
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St. Cloud Middle School is one of the best schools in the state of Florida. There’s many opportunities for the children and the teachers and staff are very nice.
Where do you go to school?
Oh we go to St. Cloud Middle School
Oh cool, same!
by sour.loser January 28, 2018
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