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The city of St. Cloud, MN, referred to Somali St. Cloud because of the large Somali population in the city. Often abbreviated to SSC.
Kate: Where should we go for vacation this summer?
Kieran: We should go to Somali St. Cloud, I want to meet my bros Abdirahman, Abdikhalif, and Osmen.
Kate: That sounds like a great idea! I'll take you to the best Somali restaurants here.
by lavatoryguardian April 14, 2013
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An affirmative response to a statement or question, or a phrase showing one's approval of someone's actions or words.
Example 1:

Ubah: Did you go to the movie last night?
Abdirahman: Fuckin rights we did. You should have come with us.

Example 2:

Hafsa: I bought a very nice-looking hijab for only $45.
Abdullahi: Fuckin rights.
by lavatoryguardian June 17, 2013
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