2. The detoriation of a neighborhood, usually close to a major city. This can also happen to a downtown. Areas with urban blight often have high crime rates and unoccupied businesses and housing, often boarded up
Much of the South Side of Chicago shows urban blight.
by New English December 14, 2008
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A special type of urban decay that occurs inside the Urban Dictionary.

It describes lame definitions that:

1. break one or more of the editiorial guidelines, and

2. are only submitted because the author wants to claim credit for a lot of definitions in the Urban Dictionary, and

3. aren't funny or interesting.
All definitions submitted by the Who-obsessed moron named Taxman are nothing but urban blight. He should be banished from the Urban Dictionary.

For God's sake, nobody needs to 'define' every fucking album ever produced by The Who.
by BcozTheNite March 31, 2008
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The minority locusts that infiltrate once nice neighborhoods. They turn them into the equivalent of a 3rd world shithole complete with robberies, rapes, murders and drive by shootings.
I see that the urban blight has infiltrated the west side, judging from the bass laden music and incidence of drive by shootings.
by Terrible T November 28, 2011
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Syracuse, NY. A real world-class shit hole.
Person 1- have you witnessed the urban blight in Syracuse, NY?
Person 2- isn't that the place where the military tests nukes?
Person 1- a yes would have been sufficient.
by Cusecanblowme June 14, 2012
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