Say some more meaning cool ‘carry’ on talking instead of saying say nothing
Ur annoying

~say some more (ssm)
by K&arockzz December 11, 2017
For those of us in college, Student Solutions Manual.
by the dude12321 January 16, 2010
A uncommon name for a Surface-to-Surface missile. Other more common names include ICBM, SLBM, and TBM, depending on the range of the missile. The Scud is an example of an SSM.
We got an SSM launch from Iraq, sound the air raid sirens.
by Pershing48 February 19, 2008
When somebody keeps being under your ass, in your business you say stop sucking me or stop jocking me in many cases but onlne there also another way to bother somebody.

Jocker21: Omg where you get your clothes from

Coolguy13: Um some where in SOHO

Jocker21: I was looking at your pics and i wanna know how you do your hair like that

Coolguy13: Dude why are you so interested in looking like me so much plz SSM
by Zi9per April 7, 2010
Shity Slut Magnet. A guy who seems to atract sluts no matter where he goes.
Nate is such a SSM, look at all those whores coming toward him.
by jesusmorales December 7, 2005
Sex,money,murder.very active blood gang in ny
aye nigga whats poppin off. its ssm all day baby us niggaz is grimey
by gkb dawg October 28, 2006
"Slightly Smiling". Be honest, you don't 'laugh out loud' to every text you read, yet you seem to put it after every sentence because it's the only thing that seems to work. SSM is a more truthful, less obnoxious alternative to LOL.
Guy#1: "Wow SSM"

Guy#2: "...don't you mean 'LOL'?"

Guy#1: "No, slightly smiling."

Guy#2: "So you don't think I'm funny?"

Guy#1: "No...not really...SSM
by chocolatemilk6 December 3, 2011