random hoe - Michael whats SSM?

Michael - Straight Shot Mafia so BITCH stop askin 🤦🏼 ♂️
by ElNuts May 15, 2022
slut. seeking. missile.
a ssm is thrown at someone who is a slut and has done so much damage it needs stopped and there is no other way.
im gonna throw a ssm at her, theres no other way.”
by whitebreadwarren February 12, 2022
Stands for: Stop suckin' me. Say this whenever someone is all up on your shit and is being annoying af. Can also be used in the forms "ssh" (stop suckin him) and "ssu" (stop suckin us)
Friend #1: why can't you hang out
Friend #2: I'm busy doing other stuff
Friend #1: what other stuff you doing?
Friend #2: ssm bro
by Sken dad August 31, 2016