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An incredibly sexy, funny, pretty, smart, talented, awesome, sexy, awesome, cool, wonderful, funny, hilarious, cute, funny, nice, badass, talented, cute, pretty, adorable, admirable, enviable, smart, awesome, sexy, funny girl who all the men and women and everyone in between constantly lust after.

Also she has a real way with words.
Guy 1: Man that girl is great.

Guy 2: It must be Srushti.
by iminlovewithagirlnamedsrushti September 28, 2011
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A two-faced biatch. She likes to lie, and blame things on other people, she also likes to steal things from others, simply because she is jealous. She tends to control people, and takes advantage of you. Also, she dresses like a slut, and dates almost everyone she has a chance with.
Guy: Hey, look its Srushti
Guy #2: Yeah, I went out with her
Guy: What? She told me I was her first boyfriend!
by KellinQuinnIsSexy May 29, 2012
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