abbreviation for "sorority", based on "frat," the abbreviation for "fraternity"
has connotation of a bro-ey sorority, instead of air headed bimbos
often used as adjective; stratty
Tridelts are awesome, so sratty.
by TFMDefinitions December 3, 2013
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As much a state of mind as an action: unambiguously displaying confidence, intelligence, wealth, style and class while maintaining a positive, lackadaisical, attitude. One who truly sratts hard never forgets the value of having a good time or the responsibilities to which she is obligated.
Sratting includes but is not limited to, drinking, shopping, making sandwiches, wearing Lilly Pulitzer and pearls, sitting by the pool at the yacht club with your fratdaddy and finally denouncing GDIs by any and every means necessary.
by hot piece of ASA August 18, 2011
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abbreviation for "sorority", popular at colleges with a large greek population. based on "frat", an abbreviation for fraternity.
"Delta Zeta has a reputation for being a northern srat, but they also can be pretty slutty."
by t pine May 12, 2005
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awkward semi-squat generally used by sorority girls to cram another row of girls into a photo. Hands on knees, slight incline, attempt to look upright and perky.
"you don't all fit in the frame. You three! Srat squat!"
by katia scherbatsky November 11, 2008
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A sorority house. The female version of a Fraternity Castle (Frat Castle).
Girl #1: Alpha Gamma Delta House will no longer be known as AGD.
Girl #2: What will we call it then?
Girl #1: The Srat Castle.
by sharkkk April 11, 2011
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A large group of sorority girls that travels together.
"Oh dang, look at that srat pack coming down the quad."
by Srat July 24, 2012
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A non-fraternity male who is dating a sorority girl.
I just started dating Joe. He's gone to all my functions so far. He's becoming a srat boy.
by LolJokes12345 October 12, 2017
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