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Usually the hottest sorority on campus, ( Tn, TX, GA etc) funny and fun to be with. My fraternity did a lot with these girls in college (TN) and they were always a lot of fun, and SMOKIN' ( try to watch for rush and check out the new pledge class, that's all I'm saying)
Fucking hotties!
If you want to date a fun sorority chic, go for a Delta Zeta
by Patrick92008 May 17, 2008
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One of the most fabulous womens sororities, founded in 1902 at Miami University. Beautiful girls with high standards, excellent academics, and a strong sisterhood bond. Delta Zeta has more chapters than anyother sorority with a strong national foundation and thousands of sisters worldwide.
The Delta Zeta's at my University are the sweetest girls around!
by youknow12345 August 27, 2005
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1. A sorority with a bunch of spoiled, loose chicks who want to fuck everything in sight, but who you shouldn't fuck unless you want your dick to fall off due to the vast range of venerial diseases you would contract. Many are too fat to be reasonable to look at, but a few are kinda hot, and that is how they draw you in.

2. Known as the turtles--"Once you're on your back, you're fucked."

3. I once dated a Delta Zeta who said that although she loved her sorority, she felt she was above their sluttiness. Then she fucked her sorority sister's fiance. That taught me that the things I heard about them were true.
1. First guy: Man, I was so drunk last night, I fucked an easy DZ.
Second guy: That sucks. Was she hot though?
First guy: Under a deuce, but my dick fell off.

2. Easy DZ 1: Oops! I knocked the table upside down!
Easy DZs 2-5: *fucking table legs* That's ok! We haven't had sex in nearly half an hour!
Easy DZs 1-70: *sing song about all the fraternities whose members they have given syphilis*

3. I once gave a Delta Zeta a rose.....and she slit my throat with the thorns.....just to watch me die.
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The sorority on campus known for sleeping around with any frat boy who will pay attention to them, and for the various diseases that inhabit their rancid vaginae. These girls are only in college for the purpose of partying and to find more guys to have sex with. Also known as the "Easy DZs"
Frat boy 1: We invited the Delta Zeta girls to our party tonight.
Frat boy 1: Well, we're sure to get laid, but you better book some appointments at the clinic tomorrow. We'll need antibiotics.
by keepyourclotheson December 24, 2010
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The girls on campus known for the loosest cooters. They are usually known for their good looks, but may sometimes rush girls who are fat and ugly in order to make themselves feel better about themselves. Cocaine is their drug of choice in order to keep their weight in check. Binge and purge is another option available to them. Delta Zeta's also are known to give you change back from your dollar for a variety of activities from sex to handjobs.
Man, your sister's a Delta Zeta? Karma fucked you big time dude.
by jsmokey1990 March 14, 2010
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Delta Zeta, or DZ, are usually well-known around their campus for one reason and one reason only

they are the easiest sorority girls to get with! notorious for hooking up with each others' boyfriends! these girls have something in common with their mascot, the turtle:

"Once they're on their back, it's hard for them to get back up!"

these girls are sometimes good-looking, sometimes look like dogs, but always willing to get down and dirty.

want to flush your reputation down the toilet? want lots and lots of one night stands? then DZ is definitely right for you!
by James Aguila June 29, 2011
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A sorority whose white members are allowed to say the n word.
Dude, Britney just said t N-word in class today.

She’s part of Delta Zeta, so she’s allowed to say it.
by Db.on.db September 18, 2021
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