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Slang for "taking a look" at something.
Person, "My leg hurts!"

Doctor friend, "Here, let me have a squizz."
by G-knee-yes October 20, 2011
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A squizz is a person who pretends he is straight, has a girlfriend, talks about boobies, but infact hides a secret homosexual lifestyle where he takes it up the ass like a little bitch that he really is.
That guy Jon, he is such a squizz. Last week I saw him necking some guy in town, his girlfriend has no clue.
by kyle January 02, 2005
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name for cigarettes so other people (ex. parents, cops) dont know what your talking about.
lets go squizz dude, i need a squizz real bad.
by jksdjfisoufasiflskdjflksjfffffff. September 03, 2005
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a rare variety of bird, commonly found in Djibouti (pronounced squizz)
I greatly enjoy consuming squizz. This is because I have no brain or moral sense, so I automatically assume it's fine to eat stuff that's not human, and moreover, were I to know that that may not be alright, I wouldn't care. Yayz.
by Sqwertz April 30, 2008
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