A slang word for oral sex. Similar to head, skull or dome.
by Dogger Dude November 8, 2021
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A racquet sport extremely popular in select areas in the US like california , and most of the east coast .

-Is played indoors in a court somewhat like, but not to be confused with, racquetball .
-Is popular with kids with a juniors program.
-Has been named one of the top two sports, along with competitive swimming .
-Is aweeesoomee!
Guy: So what'd you do this weekend?
Player: I played squash!
Guy: Mhm and how did that go?
Player: GREAT, i hit this drop and the other guy totally couldn't get it, not to mention my serving was great- i finally got that lob serve down.
Guy: I have no idea what you're talking about.
by ilikesquash(: January 3, 2010
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(proper adjective) a mood or feeling exclusive to a specific Tasha, which covers the vague inability to select any specific mood at the time, without excluding the possibility of influence from the wider spectrum of moods and feelings.
I am feeling Squash today...
by CommyChuck August 3, 2011
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Similar to a "blumpkin"- only the opposite. A male performs cunnilingus (oral sex) on a female while she defecates (shits).
"Baby I gotta shit, but I want you to give me a squash"
"Fuck yourself, I'm getting a new girlfriend."
by young j swizzy December 21, 2011
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Ranga: is Squash a sport?
normal person: HELL NO! Its a hobby. its like collecting stamps
by squashisnotsport August 30, 2010
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A game played with a racket and rubber ball. NOT A SPORT.
Dude 1: You wanna go play a sport or something?
Dude 2: Yeah what?
Dude 1: Squash
Dude 2: NOT A SPORT.
*Beats him up he can't do anything cause he is a squash player and has no strength*
by Joe Rozati June 14, 2008
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Major hangover, no relief must start drinking or doing drugs to relieve it ASAP.
I had a squash that would knock the balls off a bull after that party, it took me 2 days to recover.
by billbaroo November 22, 2008
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