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More formally thought of a punch in the groin/testicle area, this is incorrect, as it is in fact a punch on the buttock (or both buttocks). Spunch is a combo of the words 'Spank' and 'Punch'. It is not sexual, it is ment to be harmful. It can be given to either a male or female, but only in private.
OMG, Lena just spunched Luca.

I just spunched someone.

My buttocks hurt from that extreme spunching
by SpankerTown March 27, 2010
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Adjective for something that definitely wasn't lame, but not quite "hot". In other words, slightly below being hot, therefore warm, like a nice pair of mittens.
"How were things at the club last night?"

"Plenty to drink, but the music was no good. I guess shit was mittens."
by 122445 May 14, 2006
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<V>{Spunch ; Spunched ; Spunching; Spunchage}

The act of a female, striking a male in the groin and/or testicle area, with no real intention of harm. Usually the result of a sarcastic comment.
1.Danny joked with Jaden sarcasticly , In return, Jaden spunched Danny to his knees.

2. Danny needs to find a girl who's not into spunching so much.

3. All the spunchage going on in that relationship led their demise.
by James September 07, 2004
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An epically powerful punch drunkenly threatened against something or someone deemed incredibly annoying...rarely ever landed, much less thrown. Came from a drunk friend of mine who told me that he wanted to punch someone on TV, but slurred before he could get the word out so it came out "spunch". It snowballed from there.
Drunk one: "That asshole....on TV....why, I'm gonna SPUNCH him....if I him."
Drunk two: "I'll spunch him too!"
by Char H January 08, 2006
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1. (n) a mooching free-loader that takes everyones shit and doesnt offer payment of any sort

2. (n) jizz, semen, man gravy, spooge, penis pudding
1. Dude, Tom is such a fucking spunch, his free-loading ass used all of my shit this weekend and didn't pay me back.

2. Ryan will never know that when he went home for the weekend, spunch was intricately BLASTED all over his pillow; we hope he enjoys our penis homo.
by Scott Labaucher April 11, 2010
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The act of simultaneously punching the taint during a male's ejaculation.
In order to heighten his orgasm, Tony's lover spunched him during a sexual romp.
by Tony from the Lido September 20, 2011
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