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The act of someone canceling an event, an event in which thousands of people (former fans) paid a large sum of money, and, or sexual favors to attend. Getting Springsteened can also refer to someone ditching plans made with you after you already paid for it. Generally involves a musician whose ego is the size of the fucking Hindenburg, caring little about the fans who have nothing to do with the legislature they want to protest.
ex. 1
Mike: "Hey, man, how was that Pearl Jam concert at Walnut Creek last night?"

Alex: "I didn't get to go! Vedder and Pearl Jam fucking Springsteened on us.."

ex. 2

Mike: "Hey, Jordan, how was the movies with you and that girl last night?"

Jordan: "She didn't even show man, I had already bought the tickets on Fandango and everything!"

Mike: "Damn, brother, I hate to hear you got Springsteened last night."

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by MikeJ#GTHC May 25, 2016
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