When at a buffet, when one finishes their plate, they sometimes have the kindness to wait for their fellow food pounding comrades to finish their plates as well. This begins halftime. When all are finished and ready for round 2 (or more), they all get up together and refill their plates. Gameplay resumes.
Guy #1: "Alright, I'm done of my plate."
Guy #2: "Aww man, I'm still not done of mine!"
Guy #1: "That's OK. I'll wait for you. Its halftime."
*pause until eating finishes*
Guy #1: "Alright then, are you ready?"
Guy #2: "Damn straight! Game on!"
by TangClock June 17, 2009
Gametime for bandgeeks...
director; Halftime is!!????
bangeeks; GAMETIME!!!!!!!!!!
by bandmutt January 15, 2007
To give or receive head during the halftime of a sporting event (at the privacy of your house).
The game was great, but I was looking forward to the halftime head from my girlfriend!
by akkon85 January 16, 2007
a girl that is a hoe half the time
a girl who is a hoe half the time you see her wit some other dudes trying to get pimped then when u see her she acts like she aint no hoe that is a halftime hoe
by hallmark apt August 15, 2011
a girl who is thick but is also chubby; or a girl who is only thick in one area
yo did you see jessica

ya man! she was a halftime thickie!
by seasonal clout February 22, 2018
14g of marijuana. Half oz of marijuana.
“When you call the plug say you’re trying to get a halftime ticket before the games over. He’ll know what you’re talking about.”
by Cthasavage January 27, 2020