generally used to describe someone (i.e. "he's being a real sportsman," or "I was a sportsman all day today") who is holding back a shit, and is consistently busting farts, all the while holding in the shit, which then evolves into a turtle head.
Nick was a real sportsman today while he was at work.
by cullen March 23, 2004
A pushy, ambitious person who walks around you up the escalator and isn't content to wait in line with everyone else. A pejorative term possibly first coined in Moscow where the metro escalators are especially long and walking up them is a tireless endeavor.
Guy 1: Geez, these morons are rushing me up the escalator! Can't they see its like a mile long?!
Guy 2: Just let 'em go by. They must be official "sportsman".
by Legally Pumped December 14, 2012
The phenomenon of shrinkage apparent in the male genitalia during and immediately after participation in physical (usually sporting) activities.
Bloody hell Brian, you’ve got a knob like a pre-pubescent schoolkid! What's going on?”

"Oh don’t worry about that, I’ve just got back from a 5 mile jog and I’ve got a proper Sportsman's Willy”
by Beztheowl July 29, 2009
Dude, have you seen meggie's mom? Hells yeah, I think Dustin is working on the sportsman's double!

by Richard Rickleson May 15, 2007
A threesome with a guy, a mother, and her daughter
The MILF from work invited me over Friday night. We were having some drinks and then, her even hotter 20 year old daughter came home and joined us! I did a sportsmans double with both of them!!!
by Krakoon May 22, 2007
A man-to-man slap on the butt to signal congratulations or comradeship.

Origin: It is traditional in team sports, esp. all types of football, to slap the butt of one who scores a goal or point. Now often also common in athletics and golf.

Increasing becoming popular in business after a contract has been signed, or as way of congratulating a salesman or lawyer who has pulled off a good deal or got a good decision on a case.
1. When Johnny won the swimming race Coach gave him such a firm sportsman's slap his wet speedos slipped right off his ass.
2. "Mary, I won the Brinkman case! The boss gave me a real nice sportsman's slap right on the seat of my Armani suit."
by superjock September 16, 2007
Old english for a mother and daughter threesome.
"so I hooked up with these two gals last night, 21 and the other had to be atleast 40!"

"Dude! You just pulled a Sportsman Double!"
by a-jizzy October 2, 2007