1. A peice of cutlery or other such dining implement used to scoop food and sauces up. it can also be used for dessert.

2. To spoon someone is to cuddle up to them from behind (fully clothed) and hold them lovingly. contrary to popular belief, you cannot be a little spoon and still say you are spooning someone. only the big spoon can spoon.

3. As in "do you need a spoon?!" used to ask satirically if someone would like to use a spoon to get all the shit out of anothers arse more effectively. used when someone is being a kissarse
T:Dinner bitch, pass the spoon!
BAG:i'm using the spoon!
T:don't make me mushroom slap you

Ben was feeling pretty down, so i just lay there and sort of spooned him for a while.

C: lets go to legoland
H: naaaah.
T: i agree, legoland sounds fun.
by T.Dott February 04, 2009
Possibly the best band to come out of Texas. It consists of Britt Daniel (vocals, piano, etc.), Jim Eno (drums), and various temporary members. Elektra records had them for a while, but Merge records signed them after being dropped.
Music Lover: Hey - you should pick up "Kill the Moonlight" by Spoon.

Indie Snob: Don't even talk about a band as mainstream as Spoon in my presence.

Music Lover: So what they're in Time magazine! They're still good!

Indie Snob: (groans) ok... fine... (immediately gets addicted)
by aleclair July 03, 2005
someone who lacks intelligence or does not seem to catch on quickly.
That kid is not the sharpest knife in the drawer- he is more of a spoon.
by C Lynch August 13, 2008
A sex act done in prison which involves inserting a spoon up another inmate's ass. Popularized in the HBO prison drama Oz.
Wolfgang Cutler: You and me? We're gonna spoon. Now bend the fuck over.
by Lakitu1983 August 13, 2007
Spoon - can have variouse meanings.

However (certainly) in northern parts of the UK "you spoon" is another word for you idiot or you utter twat.
"You're a right spoon boy ain't ya?" - Meaning you are a bit of an idiot really aren't you. Generally used after having fucked up a really simple task, question or not having understood something very obviouse.
by c1187600 February 19, 2007
v. to lay in the position with a man's penis in close proximity to or poking one's booty.
n. the act of laying in the position with a man's penis in close proximity to poking one's booty.
I like it when my boyfriend spoons me.
by Cristal December 10, 2003
The scooping utensil used for eating ice cream because I spend my time on my room crying with a bucket of mint chocolate chip on my lap because GOD IM SO ALONE AND EMOTIONALLY UNSTABLE BECAUSE MY FAVORITE BOOK CHARACTER DIED AGAIN AND SOMEBODY DATE ME PLEASE
Spoons are ideal for eating soup.
by eat-the-fluffies-or-die April 04, 2015
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