Spooly is a word that means a girl is skinny asf
"Damn dont you think Kate is thicc?"
"Nah shes spooly"
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I always brush my eyebrows with a spoolie to keep them tidy
by Mean Neen November 30, 2018
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Is the positive, feel good word, being the exact opposite of the word "F***." When you feel just incredible about another person, thing, or event. When something is "spoolie" you feel unlike anything else in the world about it!
"I just met this girl and think she is spoolie!"
"I am so excited to go on this trip, it's going to be spoolie!"
"Oh yes, this pizza is very spoolie."
by ProLbter July 27, 2019
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Originally a pink hair curler used in the late sixty's to make ringlets in hair.
Hey mom can I use you spoolies to make my hair look like shaneeka's?
by key-man.123456 August 27, 2013
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A hybrid of spearchucker and mooly. Used in a derogatory sence while talking about African Americans
To many spoolies in Chicago. I'm going to move to Indiana instead.
by goooooosh January 31, 2011
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To “keep it spooli” is to keep it tight or on the down low, as if the subject or object was tightly wound on a spool.
John: ay did you hear Patrick is sleeping with Diane, jus keep it spooli cuse he doesn’t want anyone finding out.
by Jazz raptor May 16, 2018
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A turbo of such tremendous magnitude it makes you say “spooly boi
Yo bro I got two spooly bois on my whip.

40 pulls with the spooly bois
by MrBitz February 10, 2020
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