Alternative term for being married (Shropshire origin?) Originating from the act of splicing two bits of film together.
"Hey Helen, when are getting spliced?"
"um...I'm working on him!"
by jenjones March 04, 2010
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1 To engage in sexual intercourse.

2 To join or unite body parts through sexual activity.

3 To join in wedlock.

4 To unite through legal marriage or religious ceremony.
Marty and Victoria passionately spliced last night without any protection.
by Vatman October 17, 2010
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anything, or anyone, but usually in a sexual manner
"Dude I just spliced that bitch!"

"I dare John to splice Danielle in the back bedroom"

"Bitch say one more thing and imma splice you in the face"
by Spliceitup October 30, 2010
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Severly fucked up on multiple drugs. Term taken from the Outkast cd, Aquemini.
Man I drank some liqour and smoked a blunt. I'm spliced!
by BigDaddyKyle January 19, 2004
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1. A word used when a person is being either burned, dissed or an unfortunate event has accured and it is nessary for the term.
2. To Be Used.
Example 1:
Lyndon - (Stubbes His Toe...)
Paul - (Looks To Lyndon, Points) Splice!
Example 2:
Lyndon - Yo Paul, my GF just dumpt me...
Paul - (very quickly says) Splice!
by Kevin Borst July 30, 2006
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The awkward seam on some leggings or yoga pants located on a womans vagina
she did a split, and i could totally see her splice
by Hawkinelli June 22, 2010
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