Has a big heart for the ladies and a big dick and, big muscles and and the ladies love him and can't keep their hands off him he is a nice man to them
Lyndon gets all the ladies
by Djfjfjdjfgj April 3, 2018
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An amazing person who starts your day off right. He never gets on your nerves and is adorable
Oh my god is that Lyndon!?
by Death is awesome October 24, 2019
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shitass: no
assshit: no
Lyndon is no
by Mr.YeeHawMan March 7, 2021
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A beautiful girl who is so lovable. She lights up the room with her adorable grin and you can just get lost in her gorgeous eyes.
Wow she's drop dead beautiful she must be a Lyndon
by PUPPIESAREGOALS!! January 20, 2017
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Lyndon is a sexy big black man who doesn't even have to say a single word to the ladies, sometimes he'll walk into a room and 3 girls are immediately sucking his cock the second he opens the door. You also need like 7 girls to take up his whole 28-inch long schlong Big Black Cock.
Hottest girl in school who's totally not underage: OMG That big black man with a 28-inch Big Black Cock is such a Lyndon.
Hottest guy in school NO HOMO: Fuck yeah he is.
by BigBlackCoooock March 16, 2021
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