The encircling area around an orgasming woman that is subject to her ejaculate.
Jeffrey unwittingly found himself in Katie's splash zone during last night's orgy.
by Pervy Fraggle February 29, 2020
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The correct distance that should be between you and the guy in the next urinal.

The distance is often a single empty urinal.

Distance varies depending on the person's comfort level.
Dude! That guy violated the Splash zone and was gazing at my junk!

I feel like I need a shower after that guy sprayed all over the splash zone!
by HungryToast May 29, 2007
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The area surrounding someone when they doin a wave check
Did you see Jaquis’ wavecheck? I was in the splash zone.
by CoqItcher January 11, 2019
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The common place(s) a man cums on a girl after sex. Such as her tits, face, hair, pussy, stomach, mouth, ass, or feet.
My favorite part of her splash zone to cum on is her stomach.
by Bosscular September 13, 2015
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When there is a row of male urinals and every one either side of the user is not being used, as it is the Splash Zone
by Butski September 28, 2010
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The area in which one is subject to getting wet from female ejaculation.
Kaner needs to throw on the poncho and ski googles because he is in the splash zone tonight.
by j bone June 28, 2013
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1) The first row at Sea World's Shamu shows.

2) A phenomenon experienced by the rider behind Matt Ward after too much shammy cream is applied.
My teammate was perfectly lined up for the sprint but unfortunately he experienced a Shammy Splash Zone when Matt Ward moved in front of him.
by europolice March 24, 2010
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